Omar Yunes Still Holds to Zero Excuses on Fitness During the Pandemic

Omar Yunes

December 1, 2021

Omar Yunes Still Holds to Zero Excuses on Fitness During the Pandemic

CEO Omar Yunes says 54D still expects the highest level of commitment, despite challenges caused by COVID.

If the pandemic did one thing for people, it was to create a distinction for those who refused to let excuses get in the way. The pandemic changed accessibility for a certain amount of time, but where there is a will, there is a way. Omar Yunes is the CEO of 54D, he is all too familiar with what COVID restrictions did to gyms across the US. He says the focus has been on getting back on track while offering remote options to help those unable to access a gym in person.

 Omar Yunes explains that “We hit a massive wall when March 2020 occurred,” he says. “It really took a toll on gym-goers who were stuck home for several months. Luckily, our Miami location was able to get back up and running by June. However, it really made us consider the online options for 54D. We are extremely proud of our program and offer the same intensive approach as our in-gym programs.”

According to Yunes, 54D was able to take advantage of the need caused by the pandemic, opening up their program to more participants than ever before. “The pandemic forced us to redefine our traditional brick-and-mortar model for those more comfortable with training from their own homes,” he explained. “Following the success of Garduño’s live-streamed sessions, many of which attract over 30,000 viewers, we developed a 10-week online program. The first week is dedicated to teaching our members how to properly do the exercises. They’ll have daily guidance, an app to keep them focused, and other members going through the same program to draw support from. We’ll also monitor their progress and daily workouts to make sure they’re staying on track.”

Anyone healthy enough to workout has no excuse not to, Omar Yunes says. “You can approach fitness with all bodyweight exercises and stay in great shape,” he explains. “You don’t need a fancy weight room or home gym equipment. What you do need is guidance and someone rooting you on. That’s what 54D does.”

But, for those who want to continue in-person training with the live team, the 54D program is running strong. “We’re currently doing a lot of things to ensure the safety of our members and maintain the cleanliness of our facilities,” Yunes reports. “For our traditional in-person training program, we’ve had to cut down class sizes, eliminate some of the equipment we normally use and make other required and optional changes. The unintentional result of these precautions is increased demand.”

The program is well-known for its attitude toward fitness without excuses. If you aren’t following the program, showing up on time, giving 100% and burning fat, you can be ousted. This no-nonsense approach is what sets 54D apart from so many other programs and gyms, Omar Yunes explains.